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In order for horses to be trained, ridden, shown, or enjoyed by their owners, they (the horses) are no longer free to roam, graze on grass, and have access to fresh water.

Out of necessity or for convenience horses are confined (to stalls or fences pastures), fed rations (many of which can lead to health problems) and watered from buckets and troughs (which may limit water intake or not provide a clean supply of water.)

Stress, usually created by man, causes most of the horse's health and soundness problems.

I believe it is our responsibility as owners, trainers, horses lovers, and caretakers to reduce the stress to insure the health and well-being of one of nature's most special creatures. 

The general practice area includes the Metroplex area, north to Gainesville, Whitesboro, east to Texarkana, and south to Corsicana.


Essential Equine Services is available Monday through Sunday.

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